Rick McGroarty - ArtistA reputable artist residing in Cork, Rick McGroarty frequently uses the picturesque backdrop of his hometown as inspiration for his creations.  Nature provides another key muse for the artist, as does architecture and portraiture. His versatility is represented not only in his vast array of themes and styles, but also in the materials he uses; namely acrylic paints, black ink and watercolour.

Rick has been working on a commission basis since 2009, creating bespoke pieces of art for a wide range of clients. He has held two successful exhibitions to date, and is currently building a new and exciting portfolio for his upcoming showcase, which is scheduled to take place in late 2015.

While Rick’s in-depth knowledge of his subject matter and his use of colour and perspective immediately catches the eye, it is the delicate intricacies of his work and his painstaking attention to detail that encourages more than just a passing glance.

You can see examples of his work in his online portfolio.